Free Consultation

As part of our initiative to promote our services to business owners, we are offering a ‘no obligation’ free consultation in the following areas:

Business Startup

See our service page for Business Startup service offering: 

Audit Health Check

  • Does your audit add value to your business?
  • Is your audit fast and efficient?
  • Does your auditor help you with cost cutting?
  • Do you receive recommendations on the conclusion of the audit?

If you wish to seek a free consultation to inquire about our value for money audit service, contact our offices to arrange a meeting in confidence.

Tax Health Check

As part of our free consultation offering , we can provide a complete overview of your business to ensure compliance and maximisation of tax savings.


  • Is your business suffering from reduced turnover and profit margins?
  • Is your cashflow depleted putting the very survival of your business at stake?

Best to take action early and speak to an experienced corporate recovery advisor who can help identify the issues facing your business and assist you in implementing the necessary change.  To benefit your business and gain expert advice, contact our offices to arrange a meeting in confidence.


Is your company in insolvent and unable to pay its debts?

We provide a free confidential advice line to directors of troubled companies and can advise on the steps to place your company into liquidation.

To avail of a free consultation in any of the above aspects of your business, call our offices on +353 1 4445260.